In Preveza you will find many different activities to give a different color to your vacation. Water sports, as well as terrestrial activities including hiking and more intense activities such as Paragliding, Canoeing, Rafting, climbing, climbing, horseback riding etc. Everything you can do in the wonderful nature of Preveza waiting to be discovered, because every day is a new experience …

Rafting in Acherontas

It is a 15-kilometer-long water route of a total duration of approximately 5-6 hours, starting from the Bridge of the Sertzianon and ending at Glyki. In the first three kilometers it moves like a meander to continue with the narrow Gorge of the Gates of Hades. It has generally continuous passages of 3rd – 4th degree difficulty, stairs, S, press water, all ending in still water.

Towards the end of the route we encounter the Tsagarorique stream flowing from the villages of Souli and the Dallas mill. Immediately after the Tzavelena Skala, the historic path that connected the western coasts of Preveza with Souli. Descent is not done with Rafting boats because it is a narrow canyon, but with monoraft, two or three-seater (Hot dog) boats.

Every two-seater and three-seater is accompanied by a rafting guide certified by the International Rafting Federation (International Rafting Federation).

Hiking – Climbing in Preveza

For those who love hiking, the region is ideal since there are trails for beginners who just want to enjoy the nature’s beauties and for experienced climbers as well that love challenges!!